Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tickling the Brain: Sharing Ideas in Memorable Ways

Adam Rubin, from Groupon, is giving the Wednesday afternoon keynote speech.

Subtitle is "Why Amazing Matters"

Your brain trusts your eyes more than your ears.

Every so often you'll see something that's astonishing. Then you go back to your adult life.

We remember novelty, we remember drama. When something wows us, we can't wait to tell someone about it. If you can create a great idea in someone's mind, they will remember it.

How do we design amazing things? 5 categories, 5 tools, we can use: surprise, contrast, tension, rhythm, and style.

When you have limitations, when you face adversity, you become more creative.

"Wield your feather": stay curious, use your whole brain, get offline, f*** fear. The last is the biggest thing; fear is the enemy.

Part of being creative is that you're going to be frustrated most of the time.

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