Sunday, March 13, 2011

Starting Sunday @ Adobe

Sunday starts early this year. Two vendors at the conference are having morning-long product presentations. I'm starting the morning in the Adobe session.

Ankur Jain, RoboHelp's product manager in India, is opening the morning talking about how he sees the direction of documentation, including that users want documentation that's more collaborative and interactive.

He describes RoboHelp 9's output as providing a wide range of user collaboration, from topic forums to the ability of add user tips.

He talked also about outputs. One of the pieces of exciting news is that RoboHelp 9 will now output EPUB output. eBooks are going to be a next wave of content output.

Rick Stone then talked about how RoboHelp enables content finadability.

The Adobe session got a good turnout too; it looks like close to two dozen folks got themselves up early on a Sunday morning for this training. (Author-IT had less than half that, and the career tune-up got about 10.)

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