Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Interaction Design for DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) UA

Doug Bolin talks about digital signage and other digital interactions out of the home, from signs to kiosks to monitors to digital signage. I's using digital technology and content do whatever you want to do. When it works, in informs, it involves, and it entertains.

Information about the location and information about the user all combined to provide useful information.

It's gone from standalone players and signs with static content, to content that relies on servers or other media repository. Can administer it locally or remotely.

You could put a camera on top of an interactive kiosk and do usability testing 24/7, to see how people fail and succeed.

A single system to manage and publish content into all sort of venes at any time at any geography, and publish any content.

With DOOH interaction design best practices, we can offer contextual user assistance, dynamic, interactive support in public places. Some ideas: make it clear that interactivity is possible. Create an "attract state" that demonstrates interactivity when no one is using the device. People will learn over time that screens are touchable.

Make touchable things look touchable. Design for fingers. Don't cover up information or controls. Remember accessibility!

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