Sunday, March 13, 2011

Job hunting

The conference introduces a new feature this year, a career rune-up morning session by ProSpring's Jack Molisani. Jack has been a long-time fixture at the WritersUA conferences, as a vendor and as a speaker.

Part of his morning session is a presentation called "Job Hunting Secrets That Might Surprise You." It focused largely on resumes and interview tactics.

"Official" definition of resume is wrong. If not a summary of what you've done & can do, what is it? It's whether you match what the reader is looking for. Includes a short account of your career and experience. But it has to help the reader find what they are looking for.

No one will read your resume. They'll scan it.

You'll never be hired because of your resume. You wil be rejected because if it. But interview because you weren't rejected.

Never rejected anyone because their resume was too short.

Recruiters automatically assume you're not qualified until you prove otherwise.

What are some of the mistakes job hunters make? Well, not following job submission directions is tops.

You can see the presentations on the ProSpring website.

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